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Sep 25, 2017
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Sep 25, 2017
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Sep 23, 2017
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Sep 22, 2017
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~~My Final Thanks~~

First off, I want to say that this was very difficult because I got so many AMAZING entries for this contest. I really can't thank you enough for all of you that entered and attempted my character Ike. It meant so much seeing such love given to him for his 10 year anniversary,  even if it was for the money/points. I saw allot of effort and love put into into these amazing entries and they all brought a smile to my face. So once again I take this moment to thank you all for your hard work and effort.

That said I had to make up a ranking of how each image impacted me. I tried to base it on the Art Style, Coloring, Creativity, Background, Amount of characters, character interaction...but overall a big factor is the impact the image had on me, along with the theme of Ike/Marisa's character. ((Marisa being the name Ike goes by as female))

However I did update the Prize List, so your going to see allot more prizes handed out then stated in the list before...I wish I could give more, but sadly I'm not made of money. But I felt this was the least I could do for all the amazing entries and takes on the character.

~~Contest Ranking~~ ((Points are rewarded by ether PayPal or DeviantART Points))

1st Place, $100.00/8,000 points: "A Lesson in Lightning" by :iconatticus-kotch: ((Payment Sent))
  A Lesson in Lightning by Atticus-Kotch
-Very strong art style, Marisa translates beautifully into the style
-Very lovely and detailed coloring job, along with lighting
-Strong detailed background, fun to look around the room
-Add character Amber, interacting with Marisa 
-Creative idea, expressing a fun story. Able to capture a sense of wonder with Marisa, a magical user, whom science comes across as magical.
-Makes me want to see more to the story, and character interaction between the two characters.

2nd Place, $70.00/5,600 points: "CE-This is me-Ike Vanguard" by :iconlevadakot: ((Payment Sent))
CE - This is me - Ike vanguard 2 by LevaDakot
-Very lovely art style, Ike/Marisa translating very cute in the style
-Love the coloring style, bright and colorful
-I enjoy how the forms of Ike/Marisa go with the background, giving a sense of mystical magic to the character.
-Every form of Ike/Marisa was attempted and looks super cute in the style
-Transformation form was added, very elegant and lovely. I love transformations, so fun to see it added!

3rd Place, $50.00/4,000 points: "CE: Water City Lutra" :iconcoraleana: ((Payment Sent))
  .:CE:. Water City Lutra by Coraleana
-Very strong art style, Marisa translates lovely into Coral's style
-Strong coloring style, bright and colorful. Very Strong coloring detail! Just so much fun to look at all the detail!
-Very powerful background, capturing the lovely City of Lutra
-Makes me want to see more of the world/city
-Dat Water!

4th Place, $40.00/3,200 points: "Magical Princess Ike!" by :iconmystical-kaba:
Magical Princess Ike! by Mystical-Kaba
-Very cute art style
-Fun use of colors, bright and colorful
-Made me laugh hard. Making Ike/Marisa BEYOND girly! XD
-All Valkyrie forms were attempted and dressed in creative girly outfits
-Ike/Marisa so confused her hair turned pink! =O

~~5th placements, $30.00/2,400 points~~

"CE:Ike Vanguard Transform!" by :iconshadowychica: ((Payment Sent))
CE: Ike Vanguard Transform! by ShadowyChica
-Very strong coloring and Lighting! Great Style!
-Love I got an image focused on Ike's Transformation, and see another fun take on it
-Great captured a release of power
-Love the added touch of the background with the Valkyrie eyes

"Ike Vanguard Contest: My entry Valkyrie of Light" by :iconsegaxfreak: ((Payment Sent))
Ike Vanguard Contest:My entry Valkyrie of Light by segaxfreak
-Lovely art style, love how Marisa translated into it
-Love the coloring job
-Very creative armor set created for Marisa!
-Added the Furry blob! :iconslimeplz: influenced by this slime here!

 "Facets in a Gem" by :iconmiffix: ((Payment Sent))
Facets in a Gem by Miffix
-Marisa looks lovely in this art style
-Love the coloring and style! Love how the coloring in the hair was done.
-Love the elegance captured with Otter Marisa, and the more tough nature of Feline Marisa. Capturing their personality/style
-Was happy to see an attempt on Marisa's Kimono
-Attempted 2 forms of Marisa

"CE: Marisa Valkyrie of Light" by :iconshipofart: ((Payment Sent))
.:CE:. Marisa Valkyrie of Light by ShipOfArt
-Strong and lovely style, Marisa looks lovely!
-Very detailed coloring
-Love how the magical effect was done, capturing Marisa's Magical abilities
-Nice background which adds to the overall image

~~6th Placements, $20/1,600 points~~

"Ike Transformations" by :iconhikarireika-chan: ((Payment Sent))

-Cute Art Style
-Each form of Ike/Marisa was attempted
-Each has his/her own cute pose, and is mostly full body

"Valkyrie of the Wind" by :iconsonicpikapal: ((Payment Sent))
  Valkyrie of Wind by SonicPikapal
-Marisa's Bunny form looks so cute in this style!
-Love the cute pose!
-Lovely background adds nicely to the image!

"Ike's Valkyrie Forms of Earth and Water" by :iconcharleethecat-bat: ((Payment Sent))
{CE} Ike's Valkyrie Forms of Earth and Water by CharleetheCat-Bat
-Very strong and detailed backgrounds, very fitting for each form! Fun to look at.
-Lovely and creative outfits, fitting for each form
-Attempted 2 of Marisa's forms

"The Legacy of the Valkyries" by :iconerizoxp:
.:The Legacy of the Valkyries:. by erizoxp
-I like how the image was handled, with Ike as the focus, with his other forms around him
-Each form was attempted
-Transformation was added

~~7th Placements, $15/1,200 points~~

"Marisa of Water" by :iconkarat3l:
Marisa of water by Karat3l
-Love how will captured Marisa's anatomy is
-Lovely summer outfit! X3
-Lovely style!

"Fighting Against the Wind" by :iconsilverspectre08:
Fighting Against the Wind by SilverSpectre08
-Added his characters, Shin and Eclipse
-Playing out a battle, with Marisa interacting with the two characters
-Makes me want to know the outcome

"Vanguard of the Valkyrie" by :iconhoodie-n-chaos: ((Payment Sent))
Vanguard of the Valkyrie by Hoodie-n-Chaos
-Great use of color, fitting for each form
-Attempted each form of Ike/Marisa
-Enjoyed the structure and how it was handled.

~~8th Placements, $10/800 points~~

"CE Ike" by :iconryu-blacksaeki: ((Payment Sent))
CE Ike by Ryu-BlackSaeki
-Ike looks so cute I could hug him! X3
-Like how the background was handled, adds more to the image of Ike resting

"Marisa" by :iconsonigoku: ((Payment Sent))
Marisa (CE) by sonigoku
-Love the cute pose, and summer theme!
-Did someone spike Marisa's it me or does she seem a bit flirty? XP

"Ike" by :icon0rganic-trash: ((Payment Sent))
Ike by 0rganic-Trash
-A fitting cute take on Marisa's Mouse form
-Love the different colors in the sky, really adds to the image!

"CE: Valkyrie Ike of Wind" by :iconjoyfulj: ((Payment Sent))
CE: Valkyrie Ike of Wind by JoyfulJ
-Marisa's Bunny form looks cute in the art style
-Cute pose
-Nice shading job!

"Ike{CE}" by :iconquasieidolon: ((Payment Sent))
Ike{CE} by QuasiEidolon
-Cute take on the character!
-Love how the coloring was handled

Next Placements, $5/400 points

"The Mural of Ike" by :iconsnapshot-tiger: ((Payment Sent))
The Mural of Ike by Snapshot-Tiger
-Inspired by Steven Universe. Can't say I've seen the show, but its an interesting take on the character
-Was nice to see take on the other forms

"Ike Vanguard Fox/Light contest entry" by :iconmoonlightthepegawolf: ((Payment Sent))
lke vanguard fox/light contest entry by Moonlightthepegawolf
-Marisa looks cute hugging that furry blob! X3
-Furry blob was added

"Drawing for DragonQuesHero's Contest" by :iconbiohazardwolf13: ((Payment Sent))
Drawing for DragonQuestHero's contest by BiohazardWolf13
-Ike interacting with the person's OC
-Story playing out in a arena

~~Other Mentions~~

:iconossifiedink: $10.00/800 points ((Payment Sent))
:iconbakuda-son: $10.00/800 points

Both had their posted on, as a result I can't share. I'm just giving them a heads up on their placement.

~~Final Note~~

@.@ Well...I think that all of them. I hope I did not miss anyone.

Now in regarding to payment, be sure to comment or note me how you prefer to get your reward be it by Pay Pal or DeviantART Points.

IMPORTANT All I ask is you give me time to pay everyone off, as I added ALLOT more just give me time to pay off everyone little each day. I promise everyone will get their reward. I'll be sure I mark those whom gotten there reward, so I don't miss anyone. My poor Wallet going to have a massive burning whole in the middle of it.
But I really wanted to thank you all for the amazing work and effort you put into the entries you shared. I tried to make sure everyone got something...but sadly I'm not rich. Still I hope you all had fun in taking part in celebrating Ike's 10 year Anniversary.

Once again Thank you so much for the support! Thanks for making the event Awesome!



United States
Current Residence: Aliahan (land of Dragon Warrior)
Favourite genre of music: Video Game Music
MP3 player of choice: "The Grief of Akemto"
Wallpaper of choice: U.S.S Enterprise, Tails
Favourite cartoon character: Crono, Ike, Krystal, Link, Lyndis, Mario, Roto, Shippo, Tails
Personal Quote: "The needs of the many, outweighs the needs of the few, or the one."

What is your Favorite form for Ike/Marisa? ((Comments Welcomed)) 

16 deviants said Valkyire of Light Marisa, Vixen Valkyire Ike/Marisa of Light by DragonQuestHero
15 deviants said All of Ike's Forms, as Ike is Ike no matter the form he/she takes! =)
8 deviants said Valkyrie of Fire Marisa, Feline Valkyrie Ike/Marisa of Fire 2017 by DragonQuestHero
6 deviants said Valkyrie of Water Marisa, Otter Water Valkyrie Ike/Marisa 2017 by DragonQuestHero
5 deviants said Vanguard/Male Ike, Fox Ike Vanguard 2017 by DragonQuestHero
5 deviants said Valkyrie of Earth Marisa, Mouse Ike: Valkyrie of Earth by DragonQuestHero
5 deviants said All the Valkyrie Forms of Marisa! X3
4 deviants said Valkyrie of Wind Marisa, Bunny Valkyrie Ike of Wind by DragonQuestHero


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