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Aug 4, 2015
6:53 am
Aug 4, 2015
3:33 am
Aug 3, 2015
10:18 pm
Aug 2, 2015
11:35 pm
Aug 2, 2015
1:34 pm
Well I have officially been a member of DeviantART for 10 years now, for a whole decade! So figured I'd take a moment to edit this entry from a year ago and show where I've come since I joined July 13 2005, to now July 13 2015. Yes, ten long years dating back to that day back in 2005 when I joined the site...and while it might seem like a big deal, it sure is for me as I NEVER expected to be on this site for this long. During my time on the internet I've never invested as much time or effort as I have to this site. I've had some very great memories...along with some very rough moments, but overall it has been worth the ride.

During my time here my art has changed so much, starting off with anime style characters before I transitioned over to the Sonic style for this year where I've tried to move on to my own style. All of this is thanks to so many that taken the time to get to know me and help inspire me over my years here. Seeing your passion, being it from the art you have done or the comments you given me about my work, it all really helped influence/inspire/drive me forward and continue ere one DA. I've encountered some wonderful people over my years here, that have REALLY inspired me over my years here or made an impact on me.

I want to take a moment to share and give my thanks to those whom really pushed me and my creativity. Those whom have had a MAJOR influence on my art during my stay on DA over these 10 years. Share the things they done for me, the things I did for them, the characters they inspired...all to show the passion and spark they bright me.

~~~Artist Whom have Inspired Me, Since joining DA~~


1) :iconcrimsonkaze: For everything there is a beginning and for that I have my old Friend Melody for that, as she was the one whom introduced me to DA all them years ago which sparked everything that would follow afterword. Meeting her on an Inuyasha RP site, later on we move from Role-Playing to art. I joined DA on July 23, 2005, not long after she joined the site, and thus my passion for art had sparked.

Art had always been a passion of mine, but it never been such a level before joining DA. Once and while I'd work on a picture but it was always rare, as during the time I never had anyone to share and express my creative with. Once I joined DA, that part of me sparked more being around such creative and passionate artist.

I have Mel to thank allot for the influences in my series Mystic Warrior and Final Destiny...helping inspire characters like Yashero Kitsune, Mike D. Dragon and Mike R. Roto. While they are characters I don't do often now, from my shift to the Sonic Style and now more Anthro Style characters, they are characters I still have and hold if I ever desire to use them. She was the first to ever inspire my art in such a way...and I've never forgot the times we shared, along the adventures.

I do hope life is treating you well Melody. You were always so smart and creative and I'm sure you excelling well in life. I thank you and never forgotten the great times you brought me, and for sharing this site with my. My art has changed so much from the influence from other amazing artist I've gotten to know here...and I might never gotten to know them had you not lead me here.

~~Art done for me, by CrimsonKaze~~
++Yashero COLORED++ by CrimsonKaze, Mike+Sakura... AND??? by CrimsonKaze

~~Art done For CrismonKaze by me, as my Thanks~~

--Featured Art--
Christmas Gift for Melody 06 by DragonQuestHero. Tomo and Rini-Trade Art by DragonQuestHero

--Others Art, done by me--

Tomo Fanart:…
Toshi Fanart:…
Christmas Gift for Mel:…
Tomo ((2006)):…
Tomo Traditional Version:…

~~Character's Inspired~~

--Mystic Warrior Cast--
 Mystic Warrior Crew by DragonQuestHero,Yashero Kitsune 2014 by DragonQuestHero

--Final Destiny Cast--
Final Destiny Poster II by DragonQuestHero, Doodle: Mike E. Roto Side Veiw by DragonQuestHero


2) :iconspeedyalchemist: Ah were the one the really helped push me into the Sonic Style. During 2007 I started to shift over to the Sonic style...this was due to the release of "Sonic and Secret Rings" which had once again sparked my mood in the Sonic Series, though it was more it making me go back and play the classic games I adored. Anyway...during this shift to me it just felt like something fun to do, I made my own cast of characters for fun as so many others had their own fan this point Ike Vanguard did not even have a name! He was just a fox hero. XD

When I encountered Trixie I came along her cast of characters and story that I fall in love with. The adventures of Trixie the fox really made me want to work out my own a result they started to get names along with a little character background. The once nameless red hair, fox boy took on his name Ike Miles Vanguard. She was the one that set the foundation of my characters to come.

It is ironic to say, as Trixie was the one of the major influences whom got me to focus on the Sonic Style...only for her to later on shift to anime, which I had shifted out of. XD Regardless I still chat and hear from her once and awhile, and its good to know she is still around and a friend. =) I'll always love her characters such as Trixie and Mike the fox. 

Since then I've shifted away from the Sonic Style, myself working on my own kind of style...but it does not change the fact Trixie helped lead characters like Ike to where he is today, by taking interest in him and others. Thank you Trixie, I hope life is treating you well.

~~ Art done for me, by Trixie or now known as SpeedyAlchemist~~ ((Only just a few, she has done so much for me~!))
Free Skecth Project: Ike and Lyn by SpeedyAlchemist,For DragonQuestHero 3 PRIZE by SpeedyAlchemist

~~Art done for SpeedyAlchemist, by me as my Thanks~~

--Featured Art--
Trixie Poster Contest by DragonQuestHero, Gift: Mike the Fox by DragonQuestHero

--Other Art, done by me--

Art Trade: Trixie's Pain:…
Trixie: Mike and Jake:…
Into the Inferno:…
Trixie goes Super:…
Mike of Neo City:…
Mike the Fox:…
Gift: Trixie Prower:…

~~Character's Inspired~~

--Robo Wars Cast--
Sonic Robo Wars II by DragonQuestHero, Ike Miles Vanguard by DragonQuestHero


3) :iconsheshin: Ah, if Trixie was the one to lay the foundation for my characters, you had been the one to build them to the characters they close to resemble today. I've not forgotten the day I ran into the image she done of the hero of Dragon Quest VI, never did I dream the little comment I left would lead to the major influence I'd have over the years. While we had a falling out over the last year, I've never forgotten what we shared over the years, be it the stories/adventures or ideas that helped influence allot of my characters.

Sheshin has been one of my greatest influences during my time here on DA...inspiring so many characters and creative ideas, it take while to share it all. Needless to say she has had a major impact and influence when it came to my Sonic Style...helping give birth or building up existing characters. She helped give birth to my character Mamoru Vanguard, the father of Ike Vanguard, and one of my favorite characters I've created...also helping give birth to characters like Spike, Krystal, even helping set the foundation for some like Cyan and Genryu. Also she helped build up another favorite character of mine Red, as well help inspire the idea of the Knights of the Valkyrie which related to Ike.

I know your opinion of me is not high, but I thank you for the interest you shared for Mamoru, Red, Spike and Krystal...whom all grew into such strong and powerful characters thank to the influence you brought me. Even if you moved away from the Sonic style I will not forget Mirage or Silo, whom impacted those characters so greatly.

~~ Art done for me, by Sheshin~~
RED concept re-uploaded by Sheshin

~~Art done for Sheshin, by me as my Thanks~~

Sisterly Bond by DragonQuestHero, Lyn and Flicker by DragonQuestHero, Gift: Silhouette Christmas by DragonQuestHero, Gift: Holiday Silo by DragonQuestHero

--Other Pictures-- ((Way to many, only focus on ones involving one of her Shade/Dawn/Eily or so on.)) 
Try to Catch:…
Good Friends:…
Mistress Abby:…
Mirage Chaos Priestess:…
Happy B-Day Sheshin 2010:…
Gift: Flicker the Arctic Fox:…
Gift: Namia:…
Izta in Maid Outfit:…
Gift: Seda:…
Gift: Mirage:…

~~Characters Inspired~~
Mamoru Vanguard: My Style by DragonQuestHero, Red: The Lone Echidna Engineer, my style by DragonQuestHero,Spike ID by DragonQuestHero,Krystal: Echidna Form by DragonQuestHero ,Shade Vanguard: My style by DragonQuestHero

Basically a good amount of my characters I have...but I narrowed it done to the BIG FOUR, or the ones she had the biggest impact on. Shade is another I love even if she non-cannon now, she still one of my favorite children characters shared with a friend.

4) :iconmystix-candy: :iconvirgovoid: is an interesting one~! Both me and Mystix did not talk very often, but once and awhile we would have chats and toss around fun ideas. Just because you don't know someone very well, or not do much with them does not mean they can inspire you...this being one of those interesting cases and examples. I encountered her back in 2008, and we chatted up to around 2012 I believe when we lost touch. Ironically since the start of 2015 we actually come back in touch a bit, so it been good to hear from you again! Assuming if your bother reading this. *waves* XP

We tossed around some fun ideas and the result was doing an art trade together...and the result of this art trade was doing a gender bender of our main characters. As I result I drew Ike as a female for the first time, which ended up being so liked by my watches during the time it became a part of his character. Thus Ike gained boobs and later down the road Valkyrie Ike would be born~! XP Playing in result to where Ike as the boy that turns into a Valkyrie Knight of old today.

~~Art Done for Mystix-Candy, as my Thanks~~
Gift: Rose the Fox by DragonQuestHeroGift: Rose by DragonQuestHero

--Other Art--
Mystic-Candy: Rose ((2008))…

~~Characters inspired~~

--Valkyrie/Female Ike--
Art Trade: Female Ike by DragonQuestHero, Valkyrie Ike: Magic Girl by DragonQuestHeroValkyrie Ike: As the Valkyrie of Fire by DragonQuestHero               
      Start               Sonic Style             Now, My Style, with New Forms


5) :iconlord-kiyo: You surprise me, and still do to this day since you watched me back in 2009, taking interest in my art. This is a really great guy and artist, with not only skill when it comes to drawing/coloring but just crafting a story as well. Seeing his work always made me want to push harder to improve on my own...BIG time when it came to digital pieces. He was one of the first watchers I remember whom had such lovely colored digital images, which pushing me hard to try to improve on my own.

Since 2015 has started he has been one of the few influences which made me want to shift over to my own style, along with start once again full coloring my images...from the mostly base colors images I did the last 2 years. So he still inspires me today, and surprises me I still hear from him with as far as he come over the years. I still LOVE that image of Ike you did in your style, and hope my style can match how amazing you captured him/her. That transformation. *_* God, Thank you so much for that, it meant so much how much you enjoyed the character.

I always looking forward to what you bring with your style and your dragons, I'm glad we still keep in touch with how much I lack in improvement.

~~Art done for me, by Lord-Kiyo~~
AMP Ike Transform by Lord-Kiyo, Ike both forms by Lord-Kiyo

~~Art Done for Lord-Kiyo, as my Thanks~~
Gift: Diz Kangaroo by DragonQuestHero

Ike Miles Vanguard by DragonQuestHero

Improving on my overall art design and digital works, moving away from the Sonic Style. Still a long way to go with my new style.


6) :iconalchemicangel19: My friend Jenny...and a big influence for me around 2012/2013. She was the first person I knew that took such a major interest in my character Ike Miles Vanguard. The stories I got to share with her character Jenny really helped me inspire the character. Just sharing some of or fun stories helped me influence some character ideas...along with creating a dark Hedgehog villain I can use in the future. I really enjoyed the stories and adventures~! It means so much to me she liked Ike so much...and I loved the family Ike got to share with Jenny, and still do today.

Ironically... much like my friend Trixie, Jenny shifted over to the anime style...once again thanks to FMA. XD Just found it kind of funny...but its nice to see her following her interests. =) Its nice to know despite the shift in interest I still got to hear from her during the time. As of the start of the year I've shifted away from the Sonic style as well, but my characters style maintain animal/anthro like style to them.

Sadly, Jenny has left DA since the I created this last year, but I hope she knows she not forgotten. She was a good friend, and I'll never forget the good times she brought me...and how she been there during some hard times, when I just needed a friend to talk to. I do hope life is treating you well Jenny, I've not forgotten you nor shall I. I hope your life is one filled of joy and happiness.

~~Art done for me, by AlchemicAngel19~~ ((Only just a few, she has done so much for me~!))
<da:thumb id="327640440"/>, <da:thumb id="428634577"/>, <da:thumb id="354193139"/>

~~Art Done for AlchemicAngel19, as my Thanks~~
Alternate Universe: Ike and Jenny by DragonQuestHero, Gift: Alternate Universe: Angel Marisa Vanguard by DragonQuestHero,Gift: Alternate Universe: Terry Tails Vanguard by DragonQuestHero

--Other Art, done by me--

Gift: Jenny Prower:…
Art Trade: Jenny Vanguard:…
Gift: Alternate Universe: Angel Vanguard:…

~~Characters Inspired~~
Vanguard Ike: Older Full Color by DragonQuestHero, Dark Hedgehog by DragonQuestHero

I think out of all my friends, Jenny was the one that inspired me the most to make Ike's Vanguard form appealing, though it still nice to know you love his Valkyrie-side as well~! She also influenced my Dark Hedgehog character and can always find a use for. ALong with Angel Vanguard which is another child character shared with a friend I love.

7):iconauricicarus: Here is another example of a friend I don't hear much from...but yet has inspired me. She is another friend whom art amazes and pushes me to improve more on my own. This case being my female characters...watching how lovely she does Valkyrie Ike, in such cute outfits. It really pushes me to make to want him...or her, much cuter and more appealing as a girl. X3 Drawing her in lovely outfits. She been one of my major influences when it comes to Ike's Valkyrie/Female Form~!

Her art is amazing and she can dish it out so fast. XD Man I wish I could be dishing art out at the speed...but be sure to visit her gallery. She come some lovely works of art.

Since the start of the year we lost touch, but I do thank you for all those lovely images of Valkyrie Ike. You always captured her so well, and it meant allot you liked her so much during the time.

~~Art done for me, by RomeoKnight~~ ((Only just a few, she has done so much for me~!))
Ike kitty by AuricIcarus, ,

~~Art Done for RomeoKnight, as my Thanks~~
Art Trade: Inaba the Bunny by DragonQuestHero, Gift: Romeo Knight, my Style by DragonQuestHero

Characters Inspired~~
Valkyrie Ike: Magic Girl by DragonQuestHero

As seen in the improvements of Valkyrie Ike over the last few years...your one of the ones that inspire me to improve on her to make he even more appealing~! So she gains the attention of guys...or ladies <((Will not complain if that is the case~! XP)) from her beauty~! X3 Mostly making her dress girly lol, and a bit more girly in some of her images. 


8):iconoreana: Oreana what can I say...I'm so happy to have run into such amazing friend here on DA. A fellow watcher whom start to watch my art at the end of 2013. I can even recall her commenting on Castlevania Spike during that time...but we did not really start to get to know each other until this following year. What else can I say, she been a MAJOR influence for me in 2014 and has continued to be to this day...having a huge impact on many of the art pieces I did this year and last year. I can never thank you enough for helping me out during those hard times, and yet during those hard times you still found ways to inspire me and make me feel better. You helped me let go and just have fun, not to hold back what I desire to draw...the result has been many "fun" ideas and images, such of my ideas of transformations. XP Such as Ike's new forms for example...

I've grown so fond of the characters she has, and its been so much fun to get to share in stories and adventures with them...resulting in characters such as Echidna Lyn and Ayla...whom I adore so much. She even helped influence my character idea of Cyan, crafted him into the EVIL character he is Wildfire would know. XD Wild gotten lucky lately, being Cyan free...for now. It also meant so much I've been able to return that, and influence characters like Mitzee, Sylvanna along with some of your Assassin's Creed art.

Honestly I don't know what else much to say, and you made such a major impact on me these last two years basically. Thank you for your support in 2014, and helping me through the rough patches 2015 has thrown its way. Its nice to know I have a friend I can turn to that enjoys me time and company and me as a person.

I look forward sharing more time with you along with your characters, seeing where it will lead and what it will inspire. Like Krystaline~! X3 I just want to hug her!

~~Art done for me, by Oreana~~ ((Only just a few, she has done so much for me~! DA Only too~! XP))
.:Gift:. A little lady love by oreana, .:PC:. DragonQuestHero [Spike] by oreana,.:Contest:. [Dragonquesthero] Halloween by oreana, .:Comm:. Water Gazing [Dragonquesthero] by oreana,.:Gift:. [Screenshot] Kitsune Love by oreana,.:Gift:. DragonQuestHero Birthday by oreana

~~Art Done for Oreana, as my Thanks~~ ((DA only))

Gift: Wildfire, My style by DragonQuestHero,Gift: Layla-Ne 2015 by DragonQuestHero,B-Day Gift Oreana Part 1: Ayla and Sylvanna by DragonQuestHero,

Mature Content

B-Day Gift Oreana Part 2: The best part...Updated by DragonQuestHero
,Gift: Oreana Thank you by DragonQuestHero,Gift: Tribal Mitzee by DragonQuestHero

Gift: Nera,  Assassin's Creed style by DragonQuestHero,Gift: Oreana by DragonQuestHero,Gift: You know your cute when you smile by DragonQuestHero
--Other Art--

Gift: Kayla Vanguard: Older
Gift: Krystaline: Just like Daddy
Gift: Sylvanna My Style
Gift: Sylvanna
Gift: Tribal Wildfire Attempt

Gift: Irie:…
Gift: Alternate Universe Krystaline:…
Gift: Alternate Universe Kayla:…
Gift: Dragon Tunderhawk:…

~~Character's Inspired~~
Ayla Vanguard: My Style by DragonQuestHero, Cyan Attempt by DragonQuestHero, Alternate Universe: Echidna Lyn by DragonQuestHero, Krystaline: My style by DragonQuestHero
Once again she inspired so many...but here are 3 big ones she inspired! She also inspired allot of the biology of a Chaos Priestess and a Valkyrie Knight~! X3 Its been fun and looking to seeing more in the future. Also Krystaline! *Huggles her*


9) :iconcoraleana: I've known Coral a long time, but I never taken the time to know her as much as I have this year. I always just assumed for the longest time I was just a friend, of a friend to her...and it is something I regret as she such a amazing and kind person to speak with. Your art has always STUNNED much detail you put into everything just blows my mind. You have such amazing and beautiful backgrounds you could get lost in them from the amount of detail. If you not seen her art make sure you check it out, its amazing.

It means allot you consider my art and characters worth your time, and it meant allot I've been able to share my ideas and that you offered suggestions. It got me really excited to hear you enjoy Ike so much and the ideas I have for him, such as his transformations...and for helping me come up with the idea for Ike's Valkyrie of Water form.

I know we both super excited for Xenoblade X and I look forward to see what you have to say about it, along with seeing what amazing art you bring to the table. Its good to see you so active again here on DA, and nice to finally get to talk to you. You inspired me allot this year with your suggestions and just seeing your amazing art.
~~Art done for me, by Coraleana~~
Power of Earth .:Gift:. by Coraleana,Let's get this done and dusted! by Coraleana,Sword Training .:CE:. by Coraleana

~~Art Done for Coraleana, as my Thanks~~
Gift: Coral by DragonQuestHero, Coral in my Style by DragonQuestHero

~~Character's Inspired~~
Valkyrie Ike:  As Valkyrie of Water/Ice by DragonQuestHero
Coral has helped inspire my new water form for Ike. X3 She suggested a otter and I thought it was a great idea so, here was the result!

10):iconakatsukishiranui-fox: This is another friend I've had for awhile, but he jumped to a few different accounts so its hard to recall when we first encountered but its been a good while. All I know he been a good friend to me through the years, and it meant allot he thinks my characters are worth commenting on or drawing.

I always admired how he handled drawing his ladies and he one of my first influences when it comes to working on ladies figure, and trying to capture it as well as he did. It still something I need work on, mostly different least my girls come across as girls now. XD But I always admired how well he pulled it off when it was so hard for me over the years.

He also influenced me to draw Valkyrie Ike in her underwear allot, from images he done of her in the past. I always loved how he drew her XP He helped influence that "fun" part of me and work I've done else where and so on.

~~Art done for me, by AkatsukiShiranui-Fox~~
Points Commission for DragonQuestHero by AkatsukiShiranui-Fox,Ike valkyrie swim wear poster by AkatsukiShiranui-Fox, Commission for DragonQuestHero by AkatsukiShiranui-Fox,AT for DragonQuestHero by AkatsukiShiranui-Fox

~~Art Done for AkatsukiShiranui-Fox, as my Thanks~~
Gift: Evenovs by DragonQuestHero,Art Trade: Pierre by DragonQuestHero

~~Characters Inspired~~
Valkyrie Ike: As the Valkyrie of Fire by DragonQuestHero, Valkyrie Ike: As the Valkyrie of Earth/Nature by DragonQuestHero, Valkyrie Ike:  As Valkyrie of Water/Ice by DragonQuestHero
Lady characters in general. In the past I'd never been good at capture the figure of a lady. He was one of the ones that helped inspire me to want to improve on it and make them more appealing.


Oh boy...there we go, a list of those whom have been a major influence on DA over the years...ones that have given me a reason to stay and make DA such an exciting place it has been during the years. It has had some rough patches, but regardless I've loved what come out of it for the most part. So many characters influenced...and so much more yet to come it seems. But never shall I forget those whom helped me get to where I am today.

Of course there are more of those whom inspire me so. =) Just because I did not list you does not mean you not had some influence on me. I've had my share of getting to know some great people and its been such a blast I've been worth that kind of time and effort. SO before I finish this I'll give some honorable mentions to those whom also inspired me~!

:iconmayomiccz:,:iconxalisha-light-azurex:,:iconsithwolf:, :iconbakuda-son:, :iconmystical-kaba:

Just to name a few more~! All whom have been great supporters and helped inspire me. ^^ Thank you so much...for all the great fun, here to another year. Hopefully things can only go up from here. Take care everyone, keep up the great work...keep DA a place with coming too.


United States
Current Residence: Aliahan (land of Dragon Warrior)
Favourite genre of music: Video Game Music
MP3 player of choice: "The Grief of Akemto"
Wallpaper of choice: U.S.S Enterprise, Tails
Favourite cartoon character: Crono, Ike, Krystal, Link, Lyndis, Mario, Roto, Shippo, Tails
Personal Quote: "The needs of the many, outweighs the needs of the few, or the one."

Nintendo Fan: Art Academy Art, Miiverse Art done on Wii U

---------------Vanguard Ike: Nintendo Fan by DragonQuestHero---------------

---------------Art Academy Art---------------
Slimes: Done on Art Academy by DragonQuestHeroValkyrie of Light by DragonQuestHeroArt Academy, Feline Marisa, practice by DragonQuestHero
Art Academy Art: Dragon Quest XI Hero by DragonQuestHeroArt Academy Art: Tails by DragonQuestHeroArt Academy Art: Hero Ike draws near! by DragonQuestHeroArt Academy Art: Ike Miles Vanguard by DragonQuestHeroArt Academy Art: Heroic Tails by DragonQuestHero

---------------Miiverse Art---------------
Miiverse Art: Roto Tails by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Goku Muffin Button by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Super Tails by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Dragon Quest Hero VIII by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Ike Vanguard by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Ike, Fire Emblem by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Tails, Fly High by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Roto Appears! by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Chao Tails by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Dragon Quest Hero II by DragonQuestHeroMiiverse Art: Tails by DragonQuestHero

Art done on the Miiverse Community Forums, on the Nintendo Wii U console/gamepad. Colored using the GIMP program.

What is your Favorite Verison of Ike? ((COMMENTS WELCOMED)) 

139 deviants said Valkyrie/Female Ike Valkyrie Ike: Magic Girl by DragonQuestHero
102 deviants said Vangaurd/Male Ike Vanguard Ike 2014 by DragonQuestHero
93 deviants said Young Ike Young Ike: Candy for Ike? Doodle by DragonQuestHero
35 deviants said Grim Future/Alernate Reality Ike Grim Future Ike Doolde by DragonQuestHero

Goodbye Iwata and thank you...

Thank you for the smile and the laughs, the good time and memories. Goodbye, and rest in peace.


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