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Here our my latest pictures and the ones featured in my Gallery. The rest of my pictures can be found in their own group folders.


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Nov 27, 2014
2:15 am
Nov 26, 2014
10:59 pm
Nov 26, 2014
4:37 pm
Nov 26, 2014
4:18 pm
Nov 26, 2014
3:32 pm
~~Contest Final Result UPDATE~~

Alright first off I want to apologize for the delay in the final judgement of the Contest for those on the winning board and awaiting results. Last few days I've been rather down, and been playing Super Smash Brothers Wii U and the new Dragon Age game. we are with the winning results, and much like I did I decided to add some extra I was just really taken by how many people ended the contest.

Once again I want to take this moment to thank EVERYONE that took part...really, it made me feel like my characters were special...regardless if it was just for the points. I enjoyed seeing the effort put into each entry, thank you for giving me a blast of a Halloween...and I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

((Note: I based my ruling not only of things followed in the contest...but over all the impact the image had on I find that just as important, and it played a big factor with this final results as they were all lovely images. However, some just really had an impact on me emotional, and that a strong factor.))

~~Contest Winning Results, Top Winners~~

5000 point Winner: "Halloweeeen," by :iconfeliciasilvermoon:
Halloweeeen by FeliciaSilvermoon

This one really captured me, as it was a unique take on my Sonic characters done in human form...and while there were others, this one was the best done. For one not only did it have Valkyrie Ike ((whom looks very lovely by the way X3)), but it also included her half sister Shade in human form as well. Another thing to point out the nice coloring detail job...with some very nice lighting, with the light reflecting off Valkyrie Ike.

The pumpkin, and the dark cloudy background really add to that Halloween feel, also was lovely to see a take of human Valkyrie Ike in her magical girl outfit, which is a fitting outfit for her during the Holiday.

3500 point Winner: "CE: Halloween," by :iconnatik2004:
 .:CE:. Halloween by Natik2004

A drawing of the three child of Mamoru Vanguard together...and I can't help but just love the image. I just adore the three characters...and I could not help but get a chill to see the three done together in the same image. Something about it don't know...but when I look at it, its like seeing them posing for a family photo as families do with their kids. Another thing which was a surprise was the ages of the characters seemed fitting...with Ike and Shade both being older then their little sister Dawn whom was born years later. I also love the detail put into each ones outfits, each one seems very fitting to the character wearing it. The background once again adds to the posing for a photo look, with nice Halloween touch.
Its always fun to see a brighter reality for the Vanguard family.

Note: Shade and Dawn are half sisters of Ike Vanguard, sharing the same father but a different mother. Both are from another reality, with Silo ((Belongs to Sheshin)) Whom is their mother...which I'm still allowed to use. =) Get to do a brighter side of the Vanguard family.

2000 point Winner: DragonQuestHero: Contest Entry," by :iconjoyfulj:
DragonQuestHero: Contest Entry by JoyfulJ

This one was another one that moved me...seeing a lovely image of Valkyrie Ike and Lyn together~! X3 I love the interaction between the two, the sweet look on Lyn's face, along with the blush coming from Ike the smile. Its also fun to see Lyn dressed as Elsa from Frozen...just made me picture her singing "Let it Go". Valkyrie Ike looks lovely in her style of the outfit as well...and also loved the added detail of her character. I love the traditional coloring job and how the colors were used for the sky, and the theme of Halloween is very nicely captured.

2000 point Winnner: ":Contest:," by :iconoreana:
.:Contest:. [Dragonquesthero] Halloween by oreana

It was nice to see Spike get some love this contest, and more ways then one. X3 Spike is one of my characters I've worked VERY hard on during the years to make appealing. So I can't deny its nice to see him getting some love in the contest, along with attention from a lovely lady. First off I love Spike is dressed as Link, as it by far one of my favorite gaming series...dressed as Link from the current Hyrule Warriors. He is joined by Nera-La ((Belongs to Oreana)) whom dressed Eliza from Skull girls. I love how Spike is seems to be coming off a bit flirty, or at least open...XP Not only that but I love the nice touch of adding Pumpkin Hill, getting a nice Sonic reference in there along with a Halloween one.

1500 Point Winner: "Halloween Contest Thingy," by :iconburningtigah:
 Halloween Contest Thingy by BurningTigah

Here was another one I found very interesting, for one I just love the style and feeling of it. It nice to see something different, and big time in use of traditional art. The style comes across as almost chibi like, but is still very effective. Its an image of both Mamoru and Red together...whom are ironic best friends, so the image of the two sharing Halloween is very fitting. The interaction between the two is also well done, as they seem to be looking for their next candy route. Oh come on you two, aren't you both a little to old to be trick or treating? No wonder you can't get the attention of the ladies! XP

1500 point Winner: "CE: 3 wiked Witches," by :icontriplet99c:
CE: 3 Wiked Witches by triplet99c

An image of my three favorite lovely vixen girls~! Lyn, Ayla...and yeah Ike makes a lovely vixen as well. XP I love the expression of the three ((Really love Ike's expression))...I don't know, something about it makes it seem like they are ready to cause some trouble or something. It is nice to see the three together in one image all dressed as witches.

1500 Point Winner: "Happy Halloween!!!," by :iconcyandalian:
Happy Halloween!!! by CyanDalian

It was VERY nice to see that Krystaline at least got some love for this contest...being as new as she is and unknown. Not only that but a fun unique take on the character putting her in human form as well, and this was another AMAZING take on it. She just looks so lovely~! I just adore the detail in the coloring...along with the lovely outfit she wearing. Her hair being like her echidna dreads is also a very nice touch. So thanks for giving Krystaline some love, and doing such a lovely job on her~!

Note: Krystaline is the daughter of an Echidna form of Lyn from another reality she shares with Wildfire ((Belongs to Oreana)).

1000 Point Winner: "Ike and Valkyrie," by :iconyaminess:
 Ike and Valkyrie - Halloween [Contest Entry] by Yaminess

A lovely image of both forms of Ike. I love the two working off each others poses...something about it makes me think of Ranma, with the fun little images of him with his female half. So its fun to see that kind of take with Ike who's transformation was inspired by fun to see him acting with his female self, how I don't know its just a fun picture. XP

1000 Point Winner: ":CE:," by :iconmc-19051:
:CE: by Mc-19051

What might seem like a simple image of Valkyrie Ike is a bit more then that~! This was the only animation done for the contest, and while it is simple it is very least for me. Its nice feeling like my character has some life, so its always fun to see a little animation to go with them. I just also fine the style very cutely done and enjoy the take on Ike's Magical girl outfit.

850 points winner: "Dawn Vanguard," by :iconmenszuu:
 Dawn Vanguard - Contest by Menszuu

A very cute image of Dawn done in a lovely style, she just looks so adorable~! Not only that but the color job is very lovely done in the image. Seems Dawn has a rather big sugar tooth...just look at all that candy~! She must get it from her father *Reference to image above.* 

850 point winner: "Halloween Contest entry," by :iconhonigt:
 Halloween Contest entry by honigt

Another lovely image of Dawn, she got allot of love this contest~! X3 This one also has a very unique style to it, big time with the coloring job. I love how cute she looks sitting on that pumpkin, as she gazes in the night sky. 

500 point Winner "CE::. Mamoru's Haunted House," by :iconshadowofdarknesses:
.::CE::. Mamoru's Haunted House by Shadowofdarknesses

This one had a nice prospective to it, the lightning effects against Mamoru is also nicely done. Those that also look at the background will see a nice touch of other characters added to frames against the walls, such as Valkyrie Ike and Red.

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14) :iconinioli:: Dawn Vanguard- Halloween contest
15) :iconcookie-lord:: contest entry- chao horde
16) :iconnilesprower:: Contest Pic
17) :iconfeliciasilvermoon:: Halloweeeen
18) :iconria-channn:: Halloween contest entry
19) :iconoreana:: .:Contest:. [Dragonquesthero] Halloween
20) :iconastrothebandifox:: Avatars Justice and Valkyrie Ike
21) :iconmc-19051:: :CE:
22) :iconhermionie42:: Contest entry for DragonQuestHero
23) :iconpasteicrayons:: :CE: The wicked witch of the Vanguards!
24) :iconxsweetsfreakx:: Halloween contest entry
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26) :icondoc-dragon:: Halloween Contest Entry: FEAR US
27) :iconxxinsaninek9xx:: Dragonquesthero
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29) :iconyaminess:: Ike and Valkyrie - Halloween [Contest Entry]
30) :iconkingotiskline123:: It's just make-up guy's
31) :iconpainbowcrash:: Happy Belated Halloween!
32) :iconmaster-infinity:: Vanguard Ike 2014 By Dragonquesthero-d76z5uy
33) :iconhalo-infinity:: Contest Entry - BSAA Badass
34) :icontriplet99c:: CE: 3 Wiked Witches
35) :iconjoanarose:: Halloween contest
36) :iconhonigt:: Halloween Contest entry
37) :iconmenszuu:: Dawn Vanguard - Contest
38) :iconnutellakatatz:: ~Halloween~
39) :iconhannahbanana3:: Halloween
40) :iconkaaatja:: Dawn Vanguard Halloween (contest)
41) :iconglitchyheart:: Contest entry
42) :icon1-800-senpai:: Contest Entry
43) :iconjoyfulj:: DragonQuestHero: Contest Entry
44) :iconnatik2004:: .:CE:. Halloween
45) :iconshadowofdarknesses:: .::CE::. Mamoru's Haunted House
46) :icontylerthecat456:: Halloween contest entry
47) :iconthegamerandtheotaku:: Dawn In Wonderland - Contest Entry
48) :iconlele-13:: CE: Lyn y Ike Halloween2014
49) :iconcyandalian:: Happy Halloween!!!
50) :iconpizza-power:: Shining Knight
51) :iconcoyotekiller1:: Competition Entry!
52) :icondaniwolf9005:: for Dragonquesthero's contest!
53) :iconburningtigah:: Halloween Contest Thingy
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Ike Miles Vanguard
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Personal Quote: "The needs of the many, outweighs the needs of the few, or the one."

Nintendo Fan: Art Academy Art, Miiverse Art done on Wii U

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Art done on the Miiverse Community Forums, on the Nintendo Wii U console/gamepad. Colored using the GIMP program.

What is your Favorite Verison of Ike? ((COMMENTS WELCOMED)) 

123 deviants said Valkyrie/Female Ike Valkyrie Ike: Magic Girl by DragonQuestHero
93 deviants said Vangaurd/Male Ike Vanguard Ike 2014 by DragonQuestHero
87 deviants said Young Ike Young Ike: Candy for Ike? Doodle by DragonQuestHero
31 deviants said Grim Future/Alernate Reality Ike Grim Future Ike Doolde by DragonQuestHero



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